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About Smart Rider (a letter from our instructor)

Simon Poole - Motorcycling Instructor Midland WAHello there,

My name is Simon Poole and I have enjoyed the pleasures of motorcycling for as long as I can remember. I am a family man who has the greatest of pleasure bringing up two boys with my wife.

During my motorcycling lifetime I have owned 16 motorcyles, raced circuit and drag strips, travelled over one million kilometres and have had no collisions whatsoever. I put this down to three things, firstly my instructor when I started road riding was exceptional and I still remember his wise tuition regarding the awareness required to be a safe road rider, secondly my ability and determination to never let up on those skills, and thirdly always ensuring my riding skills are of the highest standard. All of which I pass on patiently and thoroughly to all of my students.

In brief I have worked for a couple of bike shops, one in NZ and one in Australia (my wife's family is based in NZ and we lived there for a few years when our children were very young - my family reside as we now do in sunny OZ). I have also worked as a Counsellor / motivator, I do not counsel my students [ lucky for you ;-) ] but this assists in providing patient and clear tuition and communication. Likewise I have been a qualified riding instructor for quite a few years now and have developed a tried and proven teaching system that maximises skills and targets individual circumstances and experience.

I have and continue to race at the local road racing circuits and drag strips. Motorcycles are my passion and life (outside of my family - of course) and I aim to continue to fulfill my passion by passing all the correct skills and excitement on to my students. Motorcycling can and should be both safe and enjoyable.

Come join me and discover the joys that motorcycling provides.

Kindest regards,

Simon Poole

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